V Round Table: "It's Only the Beginning"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the V Round Table!

We can't believe we must wait until March for ABC to air a new episode of this drama, but at least that gives us plenty of time to discuss it.

Below, our staff analyzes various characters and developments from "It's Only the Beginning." We encourage reader feedback on these topics and other aspects of the series...

Which cliffhanger - Valerie's pregnancy, Jack's stabbing, Chad's health or the impending spaceships - left you most anxious?
M.L. House: I'll actually go with Chad's aneurysm. This may be my crush on Scott Wolf from his Party of Five days talking, but he's been outstanding in his role and I've found myself wondering what I'd do in his shoes.

Mrs. Northman: The impending spaceships! For me, Valerie's pregnancy was almost expected, something must go wrong for a couple of the main characters and unfortunately it happened to the priest and anchorman... but the massive fleet of spaceships just waiting to come and...??? We don't know! Gosh, I can't wait for March 2010 to get here!

The Barnacle: Clearly the spaceships. Might Anna not even be in charge? Is there a grand leader out there? Or might she actually be protecting earth from this new fleet? So many questions!

RT for V

Should Erica have grilled Ryan more closely after discovering he was a V?
M.L. House: Yes! How about.... where is he from? When did he get here? Why did he come here? Can she see under his skin? What's his favorite color? I'd have asked a couple more questions, Erica.

Mrs. Northman: I don't think so - Erica was at the secret meeting and knew what harm Ryan could have done if he chose to. Also, setting off the bomb was key to show where Ryan's alliance lies.

The Barnacle: No. After watching Juliet's heroic act at the conclusion of season five of Lost, I'll never question anything Elizabeth Mitchell does again.

Will Jack quit the priesthood?
M.L. House: No. He'll just be a different kind of priest; the kind that kills Visitors and, even more amazingly, actually questions some of the church's teachings.

Mrs. Northman: I kinda hope so! Not to be a traitor to my religion and all, but I would LOVE to see a shomance between Erica and Jack. Plus, what a waste of a fine looking man!

The Barnacle: No. Wouldn't ie be refreshing to see a man and woman work together on a show and actually not hook up for a change?!?

Might Anna actually be good?
M.L. House: Might she be? Sure. Think about it: has she actually done anything to harm mankind yet? She may have a grander, positive goal in mind and would need to earn everyone's trust in order to accomplish it. It wouldn't shock me if Marcus is actually the bad guy in the V universe and Anna is plotting against him.

Mrs. Northman: Hells No! She's super creepy - plus, she killed (had someone kill) one of her own kind! There's a reason why even their own species is building a resistance to her.

The Barnacle: Good looking? Yes. A good creature? No.

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V Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Ryan: Everything that I've told you is true.
Erica: Except that you're a Visitor.

I better not ever hear you talk about skinning a V again.