V Round Table: Pilot Episode

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Welcome to the first edition of our V Round Table!

After various episode, the TV Fanatic staff will gather and analyze characters and developments from the most recent installment of the ABC hit.

This week, of course, we tackle the series premiere. Read below to learn our thoughts on it and feel free to chime in with comments. We love reader feedback! Let's get to it...

Who is your favorite character?
M.L. House: Chad Decker. No, this isn't due to my crush on Scott Wolf from his days on Party of Five. I'm always a sucker for any morally ambiguous character when written well. So far, it's easy for viewers to understand the dilemma facing Chad, making him an interesting individual.

Dr. Shepherd: Ryan, d'uh! The guy is a Visitor living as a human being. His storyline stood out the most to me.

The Barnacle: Father Landry. Can't recall the last time a priest led a resistance movement against alien life forms. This is one bad ass donner of the cloth!

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Should the show have killed off Dale?
M.L. House: Not yet. I understand the temptation to make a splash on the pilot, but the episode was written well enough anyway. This reveal/death would have made more of an impact if we saw more interaction between him and Erica first.

Dr. Shepherd: No way. I love Alan Tudyk in everything he's ever been in. It looks like his character will resurface, but it clearly won't be with the same chemistry he and Elizabeth Mitchell displayed early in this episode.

The Barnacle: Absolutely. The show has already set the stakes: anyone can be killed, anyone can be a Visitor. I'm hooked.

Is this really how the world would greet aliens?
M.L. House: The applause, following Anna's introductory speech, was cheesy and not believable. But would the world welcome a savior right now? Some would say that's why Obama was elected. The optimism isn't far-fetched.

Dr. Shepherd: It's a TV show. Relax!

The Barnacle: Sure. Remember how much we loved Alf?

Will you tune in next week?
M.L. House: Yes. This was the best pilot I've seen in awhile. I also enjoyed the first episode of FlashForward, though, so I hope V moves along at a better pace than that show has.

Dr. Shepherd: I will. Elizabeth Mitchell alone is enough of a reason for me to keep coming back. She's gorgeous and incredibly talented.

The Barnacle: I'd appreciate it if ABC could move it away from 90210 and NCIS, but yes. Thank goodness for DVR!

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