White Collar Review: "Flip of the Coin"

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This week White Collar didn't give us much into finding more about Kate's whereabouts. We do find out one piece of the missing puzzle - the X in the champagne brand name is used on the mysterious map as "X marks the spot".

To where and to what? We don't know yet - nor do we understand why it has to be so difficult for Kate to relay this message to Neal. It seems that they share a mutual love for brain puzzles.

We know that this is all leading up to a very climatic scene in White Collar - one that will most definitely test the trust and bond between Peter and Neal.

Elizabeth works her way into the show this week by helping her friend Dana's husband get out of the tangled web he is in. She pretty much wears the pants and decides that Peter and Neal will help him get out of jail and prove his innocence.  They track down how they framed him and in the end save the day. Yay! 

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But really, the best part about this weeks episode is the introduction of two main characters - Mozzie and Peter over a couple drinks. And by a couple we mean a lot.

Although Mozzie did not give him his real name, you can tell that they are already forming a bond, which is so very nice to see. It's like they are becoming the Mystery Inc. of the FBI - an irregular group of men working together to fight crime. Can you already hear the Beverly Hills Cop theme song playing in the background?

A lot of background work was laid in this week's episode "Flip of the Coin". We can't wait to see what happens next with Kate and Neal. Maybe she will finally make an appearance?

Before we go, we leave you with a few of our favorite quotes from this week's episode below!

Peter: (to Mozzie) I thought you would be taller.
Mozzie: Me too. | permalink

Patrick Aimes: I've always believed that the best way to hide something is in plain site. | permalink

Peter: While you are here, have a drink.
Mozzie: Oh well, I don't drink.
Peter: Well, tonight you do.
Mozzie: Gin's good. | permalink

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