90210 Music: "And Away They Go"

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As discussed in our 90210 Round Table, it wasn't the greatest episode this show has ever produced.

In fact, "And Away We Go" was a general letdown all around.

But, with one more hour remaining in 2009, the most recent developments did move various storylines forward:

Will Annie and Naomi make up? Who will Ryan date next? Do you wanna see Silver keep kissing Teddy or jump back into bed with Dixon?

At the Races

As fans ponder and debate these questions, we've updated our 90210 music section. You might as well enjoy some tunes as you consider the month of reruns that kicks off in a week.

Check out the singles below, all of which were heard during "And Away We Go."

  • Hall and Oates - "Maneater" Daryl Hall & John Oates - The Very Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates (Remastered) - Maneater
  • Handsome Furs - "Talking Hotel Arbat Blues" Handsome Furs - Face Control - Talking Hotel Arbat Blues
  • PJ Harvey - "We Float" PJ Harvey - Stories from the City - Stories from the Sea - We Float

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