Better Off Ted Review: "Battle of the Bulbs"

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On this week's episode of Better Off Ted, Linda stepped out of her product-testing shell and actually present her own idea of a scented light bulb, trumping Ted's long-lasting one.  In a hilarious move, Veronica took Linda under her wing and gave her the confidence necessary to push her shoddy product forward.

Meanwhile, Khandi Alexander guest starred as Lem's disapproving, super-scientist mother Stella.  Stella was busy having an affair with the under-utilizied Dr. Bhamba.  You can catch up on all the details in our "Battle of the Bulbs" recap.

Dr. Bhamba and Stella

So how did the third episode stack up?  Like the season two premiere, we suffered through a lack of a Veridian commercial again.  During the first season, some of these commercials were the finest moments in the episode and certainly helped create the tone and theme.  We're really not sure why they keep dropping theme.

We did enjoy Veronica showing Linda how to be confident and the entire battle of the bulbs plot line.  However, for the most part, the Stella and Lem plot line felt weak until the very end.  Lem killed in the dinner scene with his grown-up drinks.

Overall, the episode was decent, but still not up to the quirkiness that made season one so phenomenal.  Now for our favorite Better Off Ted quotes from the episode.

Ted: And I can't get enough of the company's love.
Linda: Maybe you and the company should spend a weekend in wine country together, share a couple of bottles one evening, maybe convince it not to wear panties to dinner. [walks away]
Veronica: You should jump on that, Ted, before the crazy outweighs the hot. | permalink
Veronica: I know what you're going through. When my little sister came along, I was very jealous. That feeling never went away--even when she so she was older and I put testosterone in her orange juice, so she became became hairy and unlovable and got kicked off the gymnastics team for doping.
Ted: Oh, my God!
Veronica: I was not a perfect child, Ted. My parents only had so much love, and I got it, and Monkey Girl didn't. Anyway, don't be like that. | permalink
Dr. Bhamba: Why are you looking up my mother's Facebook page?
Lem: I'm going to find her, seduce her, and make sensitive yet vigorous love to her.
Dr. Bhamba: Well, that's the one thing we haven't tried to get her out of her coma. | permalink
Veronica: Now get in there and run that meeting like a shark driving an assault vehicle through a herd of seals wearing chum pants. | permalink

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Gentlemen, when you fight like that, manhood weeps.


The potential for a long-lasting light bulb is enormous. In a recent study, people's desire to see things ranked third, right after hitting things and trying to have sex with things.