Better Off Ted Review: "The Lawyer, The Lemur and the Little Listener"

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This week's episode of Better Off Ted, "The Lawyer, The Lemur and the Little Listener," definitely was a stronger effort than the season two premiere, which we felt didn't live up to the amazing first season.

This week's episode featured a much stronger Ted storyline, as he and Veronica teamed up together to extract information from his daughter that she learned from daycare.  We really enjoyed this storyline, and aside from pushing a little too hard on the baby-eatting jokes, it led to plenty of laughs and an amazing performance by Portia de Rossi as usual.

Ted, Veronica and the Boss

Linda, meanwhile, was busy working on her children's novel, which was a nice change of pace from her usual whining.  She did a great job playing off the awkward Phil for some good laughs.

Lem was mostly too busy getting lucky with a hot lawyer, Nadine (Chelsey Crisp), to be interacting with his scientist buddy, though their debate about animal parts was classic Better Off Ted.  The idea of Veridian charging for time he spent with his lawyer personally, was sadly believable for Veridian and entertaining.

Overall, the episode was more remiscent of season one, but still has to bring back more of the quirkiness.  We were ecstatic to see the return of the Veridian commercial, and can't wait to see what the fine folks of Veridian are going to bring us this season.

Now for our favorite Better Off Ted quotes from the season:

Linda: I may have a whole new career entertaining children instead of working for a place that uses them to assemble munitions.
Ted: Boy, who's gonna judge us when you're gone? | permalink
Ted: We can have one conversation with Rose. Gently.
Veronica: Fine. Let's get her up here, crack her open like a lobster claw, and scoop out her sweet white meat of information. Gently.
Ted: I know you don't like to eat children, but it's that kind of talk and your cottage in the woods made of candy that keeps those rumors alive. | permalink
Veronica: Jeffrey Bouchard.
Ted: Another engineer. There's a picture of you two on your office wall.
Veronica: People always want to have their pictures taken with me, Ted. I'm like a sunset. | permalink
Veronica: How could he do this? And after I let him use me like a sunset.
Ted: Well, you better take his picture down. Maybe put it in your drawer next to the one of you and Saddam Hussein riding that tandem bike.
Veronica: Yeah. That was before he got weird. | permalink

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Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Linda: Hey there, Bloopity-Bloo.
Ted: Bloopity-Bloo?
Linda: It's a nickname I came up with for you, right off the top of my head.
Ted: Hmm, so what made you get high before work this morning?

Phil: She seemed nice.
Lem: That was Nadine.
Phil: Oh, good. So you know each other.
Lem: Yeah, she's one of the company's lawyers. Sorry for not introducing you.
Phil: Your tongue was kind of busy. All up inside her month.
Lem: She's amazing. It's just that we both work such long hours, it's hard to find time to go out. So we usually meet in her office, where she has a door that closes and a closet where we can hang our clothes so we're crisp and fresh after we've soiled each other.
Phil: The only time I've ever been naked in this building is that time I was deloused. Remember, when those super lice got out and tried to colonize me?
Lem: Mmm. This is more fun then that.