Cheryl Hines Cast as Kitty's BFF on Brothers & Sisters

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Cheryl Hines is best know for awkward Curb Your Enthusiasm quotes. On Brothers & Sisters, her role will be to make one of the characters comfortable, not uncomfortable.

With Kitty's cancer battle intensifying (don't miss the final Brothers & Sisters scenes of the calendar year this coming Sunday night), Kitty needs all the help she can get.

Well, Calista Flockhart's cancer-suffering character has a longtime best friend we haven't met until now. Cheryl Hines has been cast in the role of Buffy early in 2010.

Expect the character to help Kitty transition into the next phase of her life, according to TV Guide. Sounds like Kitty's battle - and this week's episode - will be intense.

Cheryl Hines Picture

Cheryl Hines on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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