Glee Review: "Mattress"

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We already knew that Glee could do humor, singing and dancing.

But on the episode "Mattress," we learned the Fox hit could do serious drama, as well.

Sure, there have been emotional scenes in past episodes, most notably Quinn's plea to her father for help after he learned she was pregnant. But this week's interaction between Will and Terri - when he learned she was NOT pregnant - was as dramatic as anything on television.

For months, we had wondered where this storyline was going. How could such a silly show pull off such a major manipulation? Turns out, the answer was simple: by relying on the versatile Glee cast and letting Matthew Morrison prove that he's far from a one-note actor.

He absolutely killed this key scene, as we were afraid he might actually kill Terri. To quote Sue, he likely would have gotten off with justifiable homicide if he had.

[video url="" title="Jump"] [/video]

Of course, there were a few memorable performances throughout the hour, such as the club's version of "Jump."

Listen to it above and check out what else was sung in our Glee music section.

Following the episode, a few questions stand out as we head into next week's mid-season finale:

  • Will Emma still marry Ken?
  • Will the group really perform at sectionals without Will?
  • Can we buy a copy of the Thunderclap anywhere?
  • Will "uglies and fatties" still show their faces on December 26, despite Sue's pleas for them to remain inside? We hope so.

Glee airs "Sectionals" next week and is then off the air until April. Yikes! Because that's too depressing to discuss at the moment, let's relive this great episode via the pics below. Click on each to enlarge...

For a Commercial
Unhappy Singers
Far From Gleeful

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