How I Met Your Mother Round Table: "Last Cigarette Ever"

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Monday's How I Met Your Mother was a fairly average, standalone episode, with no advancement of the main or supplementary story lines. But as we expressed in our review of "Last Cigarette Ever," the characters on this show can make it entertaining anyway.

Below, our staff members break down the gang's efforts to quit smoking and more in our weekly How I Met Your Mother Round Table. Let's get down to it ...

1. What was your favorite How I Met Your Mother quote from last night?

Dr. Shepherd: Barney, upon seeing Robin bent over in yoga pose whole smoking: "I just left something like this in my apartment." Funny and probably true!

The Barnacle: Hehe, I'm not sure why, but when the gang was sitting around McLaren's nic-fitting, hearing Barney ask, "What do you think cigarettes are doing right now? Do you think they're thinking of us?" killed me. I can just picture the little guys missing our gang.

Lily Pad: Don's line about his colonoscopy having more viewers than their morning show!

Mrs. Northman: Barney: "I am not a smoker. I only smoke in certain situations: post-coital, when I'm with Germans, sometimes those two overlaps, coital, birthdays, to annoy my mom, pre-coital, on a sailboat, the day The Mets are mathematically eliminated every year, and, of course, wait for it, cause lord knows I have, pregnancy scares." Hello! Barney is just awesome. Period. He completely is delusional in the sense that he does not believe he is a "smoker" like most smokers... How can anyone not love this scene where he explains his pre- and post-coital reasoning for smoking!


2. Last night's episode: Funny or filler?

Dr. Shepherd: For me, there will never be an episode without a dozen great How I Met Your Mother quotes, but last night's (and others recently) have been in the filler category.

Lily Pad: I tend to like their filler shows that don't have much of a point, so I vote for funny. I like when the whole gang interacts and acts ridiculous together.

The Barnacle: Absolutely filler. The episode still had me laughing, so I'd keep my filler in there. Otherwise waiting until January would have been even that much more painful. However, this episode cannot compare with the last two weeks and can barely be considered to advance the plot. We did learn that Lily and Marshall have a son and that Ted will quit smoking two weeks into his relationship with their mother. But how useful is the latter?

Mrs. Northman: Funny! I understand that everyone is waiting in anticipation for the 100th episode, but this episode truly showed a side of the characters that has yet to be seen.

3. Which character do you think would have the hardest time quitting?

Lily Pad: Marshall. The poor guy doesn't seem to handle stress very well.

The Barnacle: Based on the time it took, it would seem Barney (2017!?), but I'm going to have to give it to Robin. The poor woman is about to start dating Don, a smoker!

Mrs. Northman: Totally Marshall. He seemed to be the one person in the group that would jump off the bandwagon again if another boss asked him to join him outside.

Dr. Shepherd: Barney. When your list of exceptions basically gives you an excuse to delve back into a bad habit at any moment, you probably won't kick it for long.

4. Who do you loathe more, Marshall's boss or Don?

Dr. Shepherd: Don. Believe you me, as a No Pants Day supporter and donor, I appreciate his work attire. But man, what a cynic, and kind of an annoying one at that.

The Barnacle: Absolutely Marshall's boss. The only thing I hate more than people showing me pictures of their kids? Their pets. At least it wasn't a cat. Don beats Robin's old co-anchor with his helmet hair any day.

Mrs. Northman: Marshall's boss - obviously Don will have some characteristics that we will learn about and (perhaps!?) grow to love... Marshall's boss was just uber weird and creepy with his dog obsession.

Lily Pad: Don. Any man that wears tidy whities (especially in public) is definitely not a winner in my book. Plus, Marshall's boss is just a moron.

5. When was your last cigarette ever:

Mrs. Northman: Hmm... I plead the fifth.

Lily Pad: Fall of 2003... and then winter of 2005... and then spring of 2007... Hmm. I guess the last official one was during the fall of 2008. That's my final answer.

The Barnacle: It was a Wednesday evening... just a few short months ago. There was no pregnancy, birth of a son, and certainly not me meeting my future wife that stopped me. It was that gross smell your hands get after smoking. No more drunk smokes for me. I swears it.

Dr. Shepherd: December 7, 2008. Actually I have no idea, but it was more or less around then. No clue how middle-aged Ted recalls these exact details decades later.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Ted: Come on, take it to the roof, we said no smoking after you torched the throw rug doing push ups.
Marshall: Yeah, God robin. Not only is that a filthy habit... but can I bum one?

Robin: See my show?
Ted: I meant to watch it. I was just so busy with the being asleep thing, it took eight hours right down the drain.