Mad Men Creator: Mum on Season Four Spoilers

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Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner gave a pair of interview this week.

We recap them below, but be warned: the writer reveals no real show spoilers. He's notoriously quiet about what's to come on his show, a quality we admire in an age where so many other series creator spill as many beans as possible in order to remain in the news (we're looking at you, Shonda Rhimes).

With that in mind, here are excerpts from chats Weiner had with E! News and TV Guide Magazine over the last few days...

On the conclusion to season three: "The show has traditionally ended on a down note, and I wanted to end with a sense of liberation and humor. You have to go to the dark place to get there, but part of the joy that people felt at the ending was because we had earned it."

Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Pryce

On Don and Betty: "We’ll see when we come back, but I definitely tried to make it as unambiguous as possible that that marriage was over. She’s flying to Reno to get a divorce, with her baby and perhaps her future husband. It’s been a kind of education for me that people root for the structure of marriage. It’s never been clearer to me, two people who should not be together."

On Henry Francis: "He's a handsome guy who says, "You'll never have to work again." A lot of women like that. Lots of people don't know the people that they're marrying. She didn't know Don that well. But Henry has been good to her, and I think she knows what he's about, and he's a very exciting person for her."

On Betty's continued presence: "I don't like spoilers, but you will find out that January's contract has been renewed [and she remains part of the Mad Men cast]. She's raising Don's kids. And I also feel that she was always in her own show."

On season four: "I was very excited, when we finished, about the idea of how much would be new, and how much would be exciting, and how much would be the same, and where people would be when we came back and when we would come back, what year, what time, what month.

"I always say I don’t know. It’s not true, but it’s true on some level that I actually just try and cool my jets and get out of all of the mechanics of the show and go back to the things that matter to me, which is what you feel like when you’re watching the show. Because that’s what the show is about, believe it or not."

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