Melrose Place Review: "June"

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Forgive us, we're still laughing over Violet's storyline on this week's installment of Melrose Place.

As if we could take this character and the actress that plays her any less seriously, the episode "June" found her stalked by her step-brother; admitting to a long-time sexual affair with him; and then threatening him with a baseball bat after he randomly messed up Jonah's desk and and destroyed his camera.

It was hilarious stuff all around, though we doubt that the show was aiming for humor and viewer eye-rolling. Read through our detailed episode guide now and then find out what we actually enjoyed about the hour below...

Returning Amanda

More Amanda and Michael! Veteran fans of this show had to have been standing and cheering when Amanda confronted Michael. There were no warm greetings, no small talk. It was right back to cattiness and name-calling. Unlike 90210, which struggled to incorporate former characters into the remake, Melrose Place has woven this pair back into its new version seamlessly.

More angry Jonah! Between his discovery of Ella's emails, and his busted video camera at home, Jonah had a tough hour. He didn't seem very happy about his life by the end of it. All we have to say is: good! This character needs to develop a mean, devious side. Go sleep with Kendra, dude.

More Lauren and David! These two almost seem like a normal, happy couple. It's difficult to trust David at this point, and we wouldn't exactly plan a wedding just yet, but the chemistry between the two is undeniable. Who would have thought a thief and a hooker would make such a good pair?

Did you like the episode? Is Heather Locklear fitting in well with the rest of the Melrose Place cast? What item of hers, that Sydney hid, do you think Amanda is after?

We've included a few of our favorite quotes from the episode below:

Jonah: From here on, a wall is going up between us. A figurative wall because I can't afford a real one. | permalink
Lauren: I like David a lot... but I can't ignore his dark side anymore. | permalink
Michael: Let me guess: you ran into each other at a support group for women that faked their own deaths. | permalink
Ella: I'm on such thin ice right now that I should be wearing a wet suit under my dress. | permalink

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