Scrubs Review: "Our Role Models"

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We hate to say it, but J.D. really needs to leave Scrubs already if this show is going to have a chance.  We absolutely love Zach Braff and he made Scrubs the show it was for eight seasons, but he's killing any chance Scrubs 2.0 has of making it.

Episodes right now are torn between two leads with Lucy and J.D. fighting for the narrator spot.  If we're going to learn to love the new female J.D., we can't have her male counterpart stealing the thunder from her.

Denise and Her Patients

Plus, when we all know when J.D. is leaving the show (thanks to awesome tv news sites like this one), you can't help but think of his countdown every seen he's in.  Plus, the show even makes meta jokes about it when Lucy and J.D. are hanging out in the tree.  Not cool.  Stop breaking our hearts.

All that ranting aside, "Our Role Models" was still a good episode.  Luckily, the two new breakout stars of the new Scrubs cast, Denise and Drew are doing a great job.  We loved the A story with Lucy shadowing Denise, while the former ending up teaching the latter to soften up a little.

Cox's relationship with Drew, while remiscent of his relationship with J.D., is just fresh enough to not feel rehashed.  We definitely dig the more confident mentee of Drew than J.D. ever was.

Overall, we're still glad that Scrubs got its ninth season and can't wait to see where this show is able to go once Braff finishes up his six episode order.  Now for the Scrubs quotes from the half hour:

Drew: It's beautiful. Honestly, the nicest shirt I've ever received from a grown married man. | permalink
Lucy [to Cole]: You have small but surprisingly powerful hands and almost no beard. It's like you were created in a lab for a woman's pleasure. | permalink
Denise: Is there anyway you can change your entire personality?
Cole: I can try.
Denise: Even the way you said that annoyed me. | permalink
Turk: Why is the college mascot an owlcat? I don't even know what an owlcat is.
J.D.: I like to think it's what happens when an owl and a cat fall in love. | permalink

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It's beautiful. Honestly, the nicest shirt I've ever received from a grown married man.