Shaun Sipos Speaks on Melrose Place Character, Possible Cougar-riffic Storyline

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Will David bed Amanda? Will he ever stop stealing from the rich? Is actually a decent human being?

In a new interview with TV Guide, Melrose Place star Shaun Sipos opens up about all these topics and more. A few excerpts follow...

On David's softer side: People need to connect to someone with some humanity. It's nice to show that David has emotions, feelings and vulnerabilities. He's opening himself up to being hurt.

On an upcoming storyline: A girl does catch me stealing and it is one last heist that David has decided to take upon his shoulders. She blackmails him to spend time with her. Her dad is a very bad man.

On hooking up with Amanda: [She] wants something from David. She is looking for something that Sydney [Laura Leighton] left or Sydney had that's of extreme value to her. So she's clocking David, thinking he has some knowledge to where it is or he has it. It is Melrose Place and she may like him, she may have a thing for him. David has been known to go with the older girls.

Father vs. Offspring

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