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Don't get us wrong: we love 24.

Kiefer Sutherland is always great as Jack Bauer and it's impossible to not get caught up in the ticking clock, multiple split screens and overall production of the show.

Still, it's clearly not as suspenseful as it used to be, considering the repetitive plots (there's a mole at CTU?!? An informant is killed before he can open up?!?) and need to suspend such disbelief each week.

Every week, my friends and I exchange a series of post-episode emails for our amusement. These point out plot inconsistencies in (hopefully) humorous ways. Following last week's two-hour installment, I'm excited to present a few below. We encourage readers to chime in with their own 24 musings...

"Dana Walsh" gets a call that she has "a visitor."  At CTU?  Why not a Girl Scout selling cookies?  Or a phony Census taker?  Who can't just come knocking at the CTU bunker door?

Given the apparently easy access to CTU, or at least the overall awareness of its location (probably in the back of a strip mall parking lot, from the looks of it), combined with Dana Walsh’s choice in work attire, I’m surprised there wasn’t a phalanx of paparazzi waiting for her to return to CTU to ask “who are you wearing?” and “Are you and Kevin back together? Is DEVIN back on? Is this the end of DANOLE?”


If I could change one thing about Brian Hastings, I would change two things: stop the constant pacing when you are talking on the phone, improve your g-d-damned posture and stop stooping like you're looking for abandoned winning tickets at Aqueduct, and take the fucking Bluetooth thing out of your ear, NOW!  I guess that's three.

Getting a job on the show would be considered a good thing for someone, especially someone like Freddie Prince, Jr., who hasn’t worked since the earlier part of the decade (I know what Freddie did last summer: sat around). So you give this actor who is best known for being Sarah Michelle Gellar’s husband a role in your hit show, something that I assume he’s happy to have. Why not make his love interest’s name “Buffy”? I mean, would that be too much to ask? To have him constantly telling “Buffy” how much he loves her? It’s not like Dana Walsh is even the fake character’s real name. Why couldn’t she have gone with “Buffy Walsh” when creating that new identity?

Jack has an innate feel for the city he’s lived in for thirty minutes. First, he knows where the polar bears and the black bears are at the Bronx Zoo. Then, in the middle of a high-speed car chase, he is able to determine that the United Nations is just above 42nd Street (who knew?). And then he tells the NYPD officer where he has to turn!

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