24 Round Table: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Welcome to the latest edition of the 24 Round Table!

As our review of this week's episode explained, the 8 p.m. hour was filled with more character development than most installments, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to analyze.

Our staff has gathered for a discussion of the episode. As always, we encourage viewer feedback on the topics and opinions below...

Should Jack have called Hastings and put an end to the mission?
M.L. House: No. But he should totally have called Hastings... out on that goatee. Dude looks like an idiot!

Dr. Shepherd: Jack was definitely hasty in calling Hastings. Who cares if Renee dies? She tried to off herself already. Besides, with Vladimir's favoring a shot to the chest, there's a decent chance Renee would have survived the attempt anyway.

The Barnacle: D. Absolutely not. The name of the show would have to be changed to "5." Plus, calling it off would guarantee that Farhad would get the nuclear rods and destroy peace in the Middle East forever.

24 RT - depreciated -

More likely to come to Dana's rescue: Cole or Arlo?
M.L. House: With his array of snappy one-liners and come-ons, Arlo is better equipped for the 24 dating show (Tick... Tick... Vavoom!) than a rescue mission. This is a job for Cole. Cole Ortiz.

Dr. Shepherd: Both. With their powers combined, they shall become CARLO, a smooth-talking, pelvis-gyrating, musk-scented South American gentleman whose machismo will overpower anyone who dares threaten DJ Dana Jenny.

The Barnacle: Arlo. Cole looks a bit clueless and would be upset by Jenny's deception. Arlo is wildly happy that a woman even acknowledges his presence.

Which Russian stripper would you have chosen?
M.L. House: The one on the left. Hands down. Way, way down. No, not that far down. Yeah... that's it.

Dr. Shepherd: Oh, if only I'd been there to help Farrad out with this one. He is far too concerned with WMDs and not nearly concerned enough with VD. I'd take neither stripper, considering how it was most likely their radioactive ladyparts, and not uranium rods, that felled the younger Russian brother.

The Barnacle: Nice try. I'm a happily married man, so neither. Also, I didn't get a good look at them.

Hassan's wife decision to leave: Good call or total bitch move?
M.L. House: Good call. Never date a man that takes longer on his hair than you do every morning. I learned that the hard way.

Dr. Shepherd: Total bitch move. What else is she going to do with her time? Is Barney's having a sale on head scarves? Give the guy counsel, then take half the peace treaty in the divorce!

The Barnacle: I'll let you know after I see what Elin Woods does, and how it works out for her.

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