Better Off Ted Review: "The Great Repression"

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We've officially given up on the idea of Veridian commercials on Better Off Ted and have forgiven this week's installment.  That's because "The Great Repression" felt more like a season one episode of Ted than anything else this season has had to offer.

That's because this special New Years Day episode tackled a standard workplace problem, sexual harrassment, in a very Veridian way.  Veronica's temporary solution and then the company's hilarious permament solution were very remiscent of some of the company's silly fixes from season one.

Ted and Linda Accused

Meanwhile, Phil and Lem were given a great B story in which they attempted to save their robot friend, Chum Li.  Overall, it was a great episode, and we're sorry it had to be shoved after the Rose Bowl, where it probably garnered less viewers than its already low ratings.

Overall we'll give the episode an A and can't wait to see what's left for the second season that ABC is so desperately attempting to get rid of in time for Lost.  Now for some Better Off Ted quotes from the half hour:

Ted: What do you need, Veronica?
Veronica: We have a problem. It's about sexual... (looks at Rose) It's about sexual H-A-R-assment.
Ted: Ummm, well, I appreciate you not letting my daughter here the "har" part of that. But why don't we discuss it later?
Rose: By the way, I'm eight. I know how to spell.
Veronica: Never show your hand, sweetie. Always let the enemy underestimate you. Then when their guard's down, smash them with a phone. | permalink
Veronica: Sheila claims you propositioned her for a threesome.
Ted: Veronica, I work full-time and I have a eight-year-old daughter. I don't even have the energy for a onesome. | permalink
Veronica: Great news! You both have a disease.
Ted: You would be a terrible doctor. | permalink
Veronica: Children, they have so many uses. They're like adorable Swiss Army knives.
Ted: Although they can't open wine worth a damn. | permalink

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Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Veronica [to Rose]: Muss up his hair, it's the source of all his power.
Ted: Oh, no! Not the hair!
Veronica: Now smash him with the phone. (they stare) Why will no one in this building ever smash anyone with a phone?

Erica: Gosh, Ted, it's like you were poured into that suit.
Ted: And part of me is still hardening.