Better Off Ted Review: "The Long and Winding High Road"

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The second of two new episodes of Better Off Ted last night, "The Long and Winding High Road," was definitely stronger than the entertaining first effort.  And that's not just because the second episode had an amazing Veridian commercial.  That always helps in our book, though.

The "High Road" was Ted and Veronica going up against their rival research lab at Veridian and both trying to take different roads.  However, when Ted ends up sneaking behind Veronica's back and slipping onto the lower road, their two plans backfire against each other in typical sitcom cliche.

Ted Versus Pete

Any other show we'd critcize for using a cliched plot, but in Better Off Ted, there was more than enough quirk to still make it work.  In fact, Veronica and Linda's scene where they talked to Rose was one of the funniest Ted moments, since well, Veronica talked to Rose in the first season.

Seeing the dynamic of a Veronica and sycophant Linda working together was actually a fun pairing we've never seen before and the two played off each other nicely.  Ted did just fine on his own as he went up against Pete (Kyle Bornheimer).

Although constantly pushed to the B story, Phil and Lem did phenomenal in their broken thermostat plot line.  Who knew Lem was in such good shape?  Maybe the guy should always consider the lab coat sans shirt.

With only a couple weeks left to go in Better Off Ted's final season, you can count on TV Fanatic to continue to bring you reviews and quotes each episode.  Even if ABC is running through its episodes, this show deserves a proper send off.

Now for our favorite Better Off Ted quotes from the episode:

Linda: Can't we develop one product that doesn't end up being used to kill people? Even our fat-free cinnamon roll led to that new sticky bomb.
Veronica: You're so moral and perfect all the time. Do singing birds and mice dress you and brush your hair in the morning?
Linda: No. Although my dad does call me "Princess." And there is a grumpy dwarf in my building. | permalink
Lem: Ted, we need your help.
Phil: We were working really hard in the lab...
Lem: And we had this pinata...
Ted: Pinata? That doesn't sound like really hard work.
Phil: It was stuffed with science. | permalink
Linda: Hey, sweetie, want to go smoke a cigarette in the bathroom? See? I can be bad. Don't ever smoke, Rose. Every time you smoke a cigarette, Santa Claus kills an elf. What, helping or hurting? Because I can throw Jesus into the mix.
Ted: I think we're good. | permalink
Veronica: Well, you are eager and desperate for my approval. And that's two of the three qualities I look for in a partner. | permalink

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Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Pete: Hey, Ted. Strengthening your hand for that big date with yourself?
Ted: Nope, just practicing for later when I squeeze your mom's boobs. I'm not proud of that. I actually had a lovely conversation with Pete's mom at the Christmas party.

Ted on his back straining with effort? There's a mental picture I can call back later.