Big Love Review: "Free at Last"

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2010 brings in not only a new year for Big Love, but a new look and introduction - no more spacey Beach Boys song - now everyone is falling apart from each other. Does this play significance on what’s to come? 

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We believe so! In fact - in this week's season premiere, "Free at Last" there is so much drifting and changing going on you could practically feel the intensity of all of it!

How crazy is it that Adaleen has kept Roman's dead body in a meat freezer? This scene was a funny, but a dark moment where we laughed out loud as Nicki sees the dead body of her father.  And really, why is Nicki so stupid to run to Alby for help? Hasn't she learned anything? She really knows how to play the dumb blonde role quite well!

Speaking of Alby - umm - how creepy did he look as a bird watcher? And what an ironic twist was it to have his lover boy be the main state guy going in with Bill. Something tells us this will not be the last we see of Alby's boy toy. And although it has always been hinted at - will Alby finally come out of the closet? We doubt it.

So the infamous and quite dangerous leader of Juniper Creek is dead. (We can hear all the little children that were in line to marry him singing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!) As much as we hated Roman - we did love to hate him as well. His character brought in so much intensity and wickedness - it will be interesting to see if Alby can really wear his shoes and follow in his footsteps.

It was nice to see Nicki and Bill finally starting to mend their broken relationship. And the scene where Bill has his final moments with Roman spoke volumes. You can see that this man - as much as he hated him, Bill respected him as well.

Until next week, here are a few of our top three favorite Big Love quote from last night:

Frank: What the f#$* is up with all these birds, Lois? | permalink

Alby: My destiny has been fulfilled and God shall punish anyone who blocks my glory. | permalink

Don: I truly believe this church will be like manna to the starving people. | permalink

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I know this place will feel like home, even if they don't know where there home is.


I truly believe this church will be like Bono to the starving people.