Big Love Review: "Strange Bedfellows"

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Big Love is starting to get pretty crazy! And they really couldn't have picked a better name for this week's installment.

Sissy Spacek on Big Love

"Strange Bedfellows" had all sorts of crazy moments - our pick for theĀ top three:

3) Joey and Wanda digging Roman out of his grave - and then actually seeing the dead body of Grant! Wow. Why on earth would they do this? Will they chop off his dead fingers and bury him again? Juniper Creek has some pretty crazy people, but this couple really takes home the cake.

2) Alby's gay love scenes. We knew it would happen, but wasn't expecting it to be so graphic. It was like watching a car crash. We just couldn't take our eyes off of it.

1) Our number one pickĀ - Margene kissing Ben on the lips! What was she thinking? Will they get it on? So weird! So gross! What is he like 17? Is it even legal? And the scene's for next week only make us believe this won't be a one time thing.

One final thought, Bill seems to have gone off into the political deep-end. We personally think as the years go by, he is becoming crazier and crazier. Running for office? Shouldn't he just be happy with his casino deal? We know that this is not the last we see of Sissy Spacek - will she become a new love interest for him as well? We see her more as his arch nemesis than anything else.

We leave you with a few Big Love quotes. Feel free to give us your thoughts and opinions - we'd love to hear what you thought of last night's episode too!

Dale: So what you think we could just have sex and you could run off - again. | permalink

Clark: You're pushing your luck.
Bill: That's what I do Clark. | permalink

Bill: Lady, I think you are making a habit of underestimating me. | permalink

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Big Love Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Barb: If you could say anything to her what would you say?
Delores: Fuck You!

Wow! Look at you! I've got the two prettiest girls in town!