Big Love Review: "The Greater Good"

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Married to just one woman can cause a man a lot of stress and heartache, but married to three? Bill definitely has his hands full!

Especially on this week's episode The Greater Good,  when he decides that he wants to run for office. Sometimes we wonder what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Bill is smoking?

Bill and Nicolette

How can Bill not foresee all the problems that will happen with his decision to run for office? All their skeletons will come out of the closet and, I'm sorry, but it doesn't take a Private Eye to unearth that they live a polygamist life. C'mon! They all have a communal backyard and he owns all three houses! Not to mention, a bunch of little tykes running around calling him daddy...ugh! All we see are big problems ahead for the Henricksons!

Besides the whole polygamist stuff Bill will have to worry about, he has one big gay Alby that wants to destroy him. Now, Alby clearly has a lover boy in the state that will do his bidding for him. Time will tell what Alby has in stored for Bill.  

Meanwhile, what does JJ want? Why is he so creepy? Seeing that he is Joey's wifes brother and knows something is up with them, will he try to blackmail his own sister? Possibly - or should we say probably.

Sarah's really starting to annoy us. Perhaps this is a move the writers are trying to use to get us not to care that her character is not coming back after this season. At the very least, she did decide to get married in front of her parents and God. Seriously, if she really went through with the courthouse marriage, I would have stopped liking her character all together; not to mention, she did lose points when she chose to marry Scott!

He's super fugly and she's pretty. Talk about her first mistake.

Margene will always have our hearts. How cute is she?! And now she's a total money making machine. Hello sugah mama! This week definitely showed her ability to start standing on her own two feet. If (and when) things start to unravel, at least she will have the ability to take care of herself and her children.

We are not saying we do not love the whole Henrickson family unit, but by the look of things, everything is starting to fall apart. Clearly, this season is going to be filled with drama. And we LOVE drama. What girl doesn't? (And if she says she doesn't, she is lying!!!)

We leave you with a couple great Big Love quotes from last night:

Barb: Honey, life goes by in a blink of the eye. | permalink

Nicki: My father profit. Your grandfather profit. It's why we are together. | permalink

Margene: You cant run, we will be all exposed. | permalink
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You cant run, we will be all exposed.