Brothers & Sisters Preview: "The Pasadena Primary"

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As we saw on the last episode of Brothers & Sisters, "Run Baby Run," Kitty is considering running for the U.S. Senate seat her husband just vacated. Will she do it?

Before California gets the opportunity to decide her fate, the Walkers will. The family votes on Kitty's potential bid on Sunday's episode, "The Pasadena Primary."

Here's a promo for the all-new episode ..

[video url="" title="The Pasadena Primary Preview"] [/video]

Elsewhere, Sarah reaches a point of frustration with Roy but is quickly rewarded for speaking up, while Robert and Nora work as guest chefs in Scotty's restaurant.

If Rob Lowe, who is leaving Brothers & Sisters after this season, is upset about not being used enough, you certainly wouldn't know it from these episode stills.

Click to enlarge some pics of Robert and Nora at work on Brothers & Sisters ...

Sous Chefs
Restaurant Week
Chef Nora
Departing Star
Guest Chefs

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