Brothers & Sisters Review: "The Science Fair"

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As often and as hard as Brothers & Sisters can beat you over the head with melodrama and symbolism, we're never left disappointed. You have to love the Walkers.

Last week it was Rob Lowe and Calista Flockhart turning in borderline Emmy material. This week, Matthew Rhys, Dave Annable and Rachel Griffiths stole the show.

In "The Science Fair," Sarah's daughter insisted she didn't want her help. So Sarah enlisted her uncles, naturally, and it was the complete disaster you expected.

Follow the link above for our full recap. Below are some highlights from - and TVF's take on - last night's drama at Paige's sixth grade science fair and beyond ...


A FOREGONE CONCLUSION: You knew Kevin would do is ADD/OCD thing and blow it as soon as he decided he'd help Paige win the science fair. It was just a question of how.

It turned out that Kevin's competitive nature was kicked up a notch by the fact that Scotty's embryos are performing better than his in an effort to conceive their child via IVF.

Paige wanted to show how lemons could function as a battery and ignite a small bulb. Kev decided the lemons should power a dancing robot. Until he knocked the thing over.

She blames her mom's meddling, as that's what sixth-graders do, but Kevin apologizes and opens up to his niece about how he always feels inadequate and tries too hard.

Almost as an aside, Sarah meets a single father there that she appears to take a liking too. We see this fellow is in the previews for next week, which should be interesting!

A REALLY "JAI" OFFER: That was our play on Ojai Foods. Anyone? Is this thing on. Oh well. Anyway, Holly decides not to press charges against Ryan for the wine sabotage.

More importantly, she's at least going to entertain selling her shares of the company to rival Dennis. But after he makes her an offer that's seemingly too good, she's sketpical.

Holly Deals

Rather than jumping at the offer, as David suggests she do, Holly wonders about his motives. Is she undervaluing her own company? What does he know that she doesn't?

While the Holly story line has felt like filler at times, we admit we're as intrigued as she is about why Dennis wants to take down - or take over - Ojai as bad as he does.

EYE-ROLLING SYMBOLISM ALERT: If the Brothers & Sisters cast weren't so good, we'd have a hard time taking Justin's story seriously. But Dave Annable is so underrated.

When his advisor tells him to consider dropping out of med school, Justin is frustrated, because no matter how hard he studies for his exams, he still does poorly on them.

Good thing there was a sixth grade science fair coming up! Rebecca shows Justin a project by a boy with a learning disability. Naturally, Justin thinks: Hmm, I wonder if ...

NORA (AND GOOGLE) OWN SIMON: Simon is back and Nora is supposedly falling hook, line and sinker for his charms once again. But Google proved to be his undoing.

An online search ties Simon to another woman who donated to one of his causes, only to watch him vanish. Nora conspires with her to have him arrested! Amazing!

It was fantastic to see how Nora revealed her findings with Sarah in the room, almost as if to prove she knows what she's doing. And to make him squirm a little more.


  • Saul lurking in the closet, fire poker in hand, just in case Nora's confrontation of Simon turned ugly? Hilarious. We almost wish it had gotten ugly.
  • This isn't new, but we love how Brothers & Sisters handles Kevin's homosexuality. It's a component of his personality, not one that defines him.
  • Holly, Nora and Rebecca all seemed a step ahead of the game this week, with regard to three different situations. Interesting female intuition.
  • It was nice to have a brief respite from Kitty and Robert after the drama of the past few weeks ... but is she really going to run for office now?!

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