Fringe Season Finale to Feature William vs. Walter Face-Off

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Ding! Ding!

On the Fringe season finale, fans will get a glimpse at showdown they've been waiting for: Leonard Nimoy will return as William Bell and go toe-to-toe with Walter Bishop.

“William and Walter will finally face off in the finale,” producer Akiva Goldsman told Michael Ausiello. “These [characters] have so much that they’re bringing to bear. And Leonard and John are two fantastic actors.”

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What other mythology-related developments does the Fringe team have in store over this season’s concluding episodes?

“We’re going to be looking very closely into Peter’s identity, Walter’s choices in the past, and Walter’s choices in the future,” said Goldsman. “And by the end of the season, we’re all going over to the other side.

“We’re trying to do the last two episodes as a singular event, a little bit more movie-like. It’s really one big story. We’re approaching it like a mini-feature. It’ll have a singular narrative drive."

The show will go on a multiple-week hiatus on February 11 in order to make room for Past Life.

It airs a new episode on Thursday, however, titled "The Biship Revival" and focused on mysterious deaths at a wedding.

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