Greek Review: "I Know What You Did Last Semester"

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The cast of Greek returned seamlessly this week, as the stories picked up right where they left off in the aptly named premiere, "I Know What You Did Last Semester." Check out the episode recap for all of the details from tonight's episode.

Right before the kids left for Christmas break, several story lines were unfolding:

Casey and Cappie got back together, Grant and Calvin were pondering coming out of the closet as a couple to their Omega Chi brothers, and Rusty and Dale were competing head to head in an engineering competition. Oh! And then there was the fact that the ZBZ girls set their rival sorority's house on fire!

Fairytale Ball Picture

So, it seems like the girls have been able to sleep soundly during their vacation, but as soon as they return to the scene of the crime, the guilt is eating away at them! These sorority girls are not so bright about dealing with their little situation. Their fatal flaws:

(1) Talking incessantly about the incident. They swore never to talk about it to anyone outside ZBZ. But they're constantly talking about it among themselves. Surely they're going to slip! 

(2) Failing to destroy evidence. The girls take their crime-stopping cues from TV shows, but they miss a vital detail: they need to destroy the evidence! Ashleigh kept Katherine's clipboard, which can link them to the fire - they discuss multiple places to hide the clipboard, but never think to just burn the piece of paper that's incriminating? Come on girls! 

(3) Try to be less conspicuous when attempting to conceal a crime: so they opt to bury the clipboard (which they decide is better than throwing in a dumpster, or hiding in the trunk of a car). However, they decide it's a good idea for a large group of girls to go out to the woods to bury the clipboard, with all of them dressed in fairy tale costumes! And to add insult to injury, none of them know where they're going and they almost get lost. That's just poor planning. 

They're asking to get caught! Can they keep this secret forever? The stress was already starting to take a toll on Cappie and Casey's newly recovered relationship. And Casey Cartwright isn't the only one that's stressed...

Many parades were rained upon in this episode. Ashleigh was totally a negative nancy on the longevity of Cappie and Casey as a couple. Cappie was undermining Rusty as the new pledge educator. Grant was a total buzzkill initially by deferring the declaration of his sexual orientation.

Even Rebecca was totally hating on fairy tales! Can you believe the negativity?  And it's only January. They have the whole semester ahead of them! Can't wait to see what type of drama will unfold! Any predictions?

I Know What You Did Last Semester Review

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Greek Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Casey: I burned down the Gamma Psi house.
Cappie: What?
Casey: After Songfest, we went over there to find Katherine's clipboard, but it was dark so Rebecca lit a jasmine candle, and then hot fireman confirmed it was us, and we got away with it until Ashleigh kept the clipboard and you can't put it in your trunk because of Scrubs, so we buried it and I lost my tiara!

Cappie: How about I go as the big bad wolf and you can go as the grandma.
Casey: Um, the whole reason that sororities throw parties is so girls can look hot and slutty, not old.