Heroes Review: "Upon This Rock; Let It Bleed"

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Heroes celebrated the start to 2010 with a two-hour episode that had fans buzzing... and which could easily have been about 10 minutes long.

Someone has to tell Tim Kring that there are only five installments remaining this season, as the finale airs on February 8. Plot developments better start to pick up the pace soon if this show has any chance of getting renewed.

Read through our detailed episode guide to discover what (little) went down this week and let us know if you agree with our character-by-character analysis below...

Hiro was seriously seen on screen for mere minutes, during which time he rambled on about "Dr. Watson" and a castle and other random, historic reference that Ando interpreted as meaning the pair had to go to a mental hospital in Florida. We're not kidding. This was the pair's entire storyline from the two hours. Did Masi Oka lose a bet with writers or something?

HRG and Claire fought. Yes, again. The latter is quickly becoming the most grating character on television, as she refuses to actually embrace her abilities or her place in the world. Note to Claire Bear: you have an amazing power. Use it for something! Anything! Heck, become a villain and destroy the world! At least that would make sense for someone in your position.

Instead, Claire constantly whines about her lot in life, is confused about where she belongs and never seems to understand that her father has a job that often requires lying in the name of the greater good. Does the show actually think viewers aren't sick of these two arguing every other episode?


We do have something positive to say about Samuel and Sylar. It was a pleasure to watch these two characters - the most interesting on the series, played by its best two actors - go head-to-head.

While Sylar stopped being a menacing force seasons ago, at least his apparent destiny of reuniting with Claire enabled the episode to end with a suspenseful cliffhanger. Please, Sylar, kill her and end our suffering.

Peter's storyline wasn't bad, either. Just drawn out and unnecessary. He can only cope with Nathan's death by not thinking about it and helping others? Okay. But isn't that what he was doing when this season started anyway? How has his story advanced this season?

As we leave readers to respond to this review in our Comments section and/or in our Heroes forum, we'll leave you with this question: Do you care at all about Mohinder, Parkman and Tracy anymore?

It's fine for the show to concentrate on different characters from week to week - but those three haven't been heard from in months, and two of them weren't focused on a lot before that. Why are they around? And do you even care what happens to them after all this time?

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