How I Met Your Mother Review: "Girls vs. Suits"

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Being that this was the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother, we were a little apprehensive of how great this would all turn out - especially how they would place a song and dance skit into a half hour programming slot.


But boy! We're we nervous for nothing! "Girls vs. Suits" brought us one step closer to finding out about the mysterious "mother" of Ted's future children.

It was nice of the writers not to keep us on our toes for more than just a brief moment about whether or not Cindy is the mother. We have to admit, we did hold our breath for a moment when they showed the same yellow bus sitting in the bookcase of the future.

Some ridiculously cool facts that we learned about Ted's future wife:

  • Plays bass in a band
  • Makes breakfast food sing!
  • Paints robots playing sports

So far, everything we know about the mother is awesome - almost too awesome. But, will she be as hot as her roommate Cindy? Apparently, future Ted tells us she is even hotter! The casting of this fictitious woman sounds like a almost impossible feat. I guess only time and ratings will tell...

Besides learning more factoids about the "mother", Barney jumps into the 100th episode with pure comic gold. How great was it to see him in a picture water skiing in a suit? And to have Tim Gunn come in and play his personal tailor? Wonderful! Simply wonderful!

Like we stated earlier, we weren't too sure how a song and dance could fit into the episode seamlessly, but having the hot bartender open the closet door revealing Barney's true love was perfect - especially bringing it back to reality of how easy it is for Barney to get some for the night with a simple lie. We say, job well done! 

Our pick of the top three best How I Met Your Mother quotes from the 100th episode:

Lily: And her ass - I'd wear that thing for a hat. | permalink

Tim: Your suits death is another suits life.
Barney: Do it.
Tim: You're doing the right thing.
(Barney sobs)
Tim: Please don't cry on this - it's silk. | permalink

Barney: (about picking world peace over his suits) I'm gonna stop you right there. It's the suits. Come on, Lily, get your head out of your ass. | permalink

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