Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Jay Leno as Late-Night Wars Escalate

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Forget Team Conan vs. Team Jay. American has already voiced its support of the former in this contest. Plus, there's a new late-night feud brewing.

It's on to Team Jimmy vs. Team Jay, following a week that saw Leno refer to Kimmel's appearance on his own show as a "sucker punch" and Kimmel reply by calling out Jay for no longer being a comedian. Ding, ding indeed!

It all started a couple weeks ago, as Kimmel was invited on Leno's "10@10" segment. Naturally, the ABC host thought his counterpart would want to discuss the shenanigans going on at NBC, especially after Kimmel had spent the previous night impersonating Leno for the duration of his program.

But that's now what Leno had in mind. Therefore, Jimmy took it upon himself to land a few shots at the expense of his rival... who proceeded to go on Oprah yesterday and actually blame Kimmel for the awkward interview.

How did Kimmel respond during last night's monologue? Hilariously, accurately and pointedly:

"The mistake I made was thinking Jay would have anything other to say than what was written on the cue cards. I figured he'd get into it and mix it up. You know, at one time he was a comedian. But he just stood there, kind-of reading through the questions like a robot and then goes off and rats me out to Oprah."

Watch the great rant below and then respond: Are you on Team Jimmy or (somehow) Team Jay?

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/jimmy-vs-jay/" title="Jimmy vs. Jay"] [/video]

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