More Clips from The Deep End Pilot

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Hyped as Grey's Anatomy in the legal world, and receiving a great deal of hype from ABC, The Deep End premieres this Thursday night.

We've already revealed one scene from the pilot episode. Below, viewers can get an early look at two more.

First, we meet Dylan Hewitt (Matt Long). As you can see, he makes a poor impression, and feels awfully overwhelme, on his first day at Sterling Law...

[video url="" title="First Day on the Job"][/video]

In the second clip, we get our first look at the feud between Hart Sterling and Cliff Huddle, aka "The Prince of Darkness."

Check out a handful of photos from the series premiere and then watch the following video.

[video url="" title="Hart vs. Cliff"][/video]

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The Deep End Quotes

Sometimes I think I married myself one grade A bitch.


Leave, before I set you on fire.


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