Private Practice Sneak Previews: "Best Laid Plans"

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Below are some sneak preview clips from this week's all-new episode of Private Practice, "Best Laid Plans," and a controversial topic is very much at the forefront.

ABC has become a standard-bearer for diversity and pushing the proverbial envelope when it comes to taboo subjects such as racism or same-sex stereotyping.

How will it handle abortion this week?

In the intense sneak peek below, Naomi demands that Addison perform one on her 15-year-old pregnant daughter, Maya. Then she lets out some frustration ...

[video url="" title="Best Laid Plans Sneak Peek #1"] [/video]

Wow. We knew Naomi wasn't going to take it well as soon as Maya told Addison she was knocked up at the end of "Another Second Chance." But this? Amazing.

Follow the jump for three more clips from this week's Private Practice. In one of them, Addison tries to let Sam and Naomi in on Maya's big secret gently ...

[video url="" title="Best Laid Plans Sneak Peek #2"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Best Laid Plans Sneak Peek #3"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Best Laid Plans Sneak Peek #4"] [/video]

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Private Practice Quotes

Sheldon: Grief has its own timeline.
Addison: Wait, wait...what does that mean?
Sheldon: When you can't get off until the ride stops.

Pain is what forces us to grow.


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