Scrubs Review: "Our True Lies"

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With the except of last week's Zach Braff-filled episode, Scrubs med school continues to find its legs with the new cast.  This week's episode, "Our True Lies," had two phenomenal story lines involving the new characters, and one mediocre one involving the originals.

Call us suckers for Drew and Denise, but we love any plot line that involves these two horrible human beings together.  While Dr. Cox is slightly starting to feel stale after nine years, Drew and Denise are refreshing as the new Cox and Jordan of Scrubs med school.  The idea of the hardened criminal, Drew, being the softer of the two, completely parallels Cox and Jordan, but somehow still feels original.

Drew Loves Denise

Unfortunately, Dr. Cox and Turk's plotline which featured a prominent use of Kelso and the Todd, did not feel as fresh.  Why would these guys who have been doctors for so long still not know to talk to their patients or be able to handle lesbians?  Okay, well, we understood with the Todd. With our other two docs, the show feels likes it's undoing things we've learned about these characters for years.

Luckily, the main story line forced all the new cast members into one room and it turned out amazing.  Even the gorgeous Maya was given some lines.  So glad to see her stick around!

Unfortunately, Maya and the rest of the cast won't be sticking around too much long, as even Bill Lawrence seems to be admitting the show doesn't have much of a chance for a tenth season.  With only three episodes left, you better enjoy them while you have them!

Here are our Scrubs quotes from the half hour:

Cox: Here's what I'm gonna do if someone doesn't tell me who did. I'm gonna make you all retake the test. It's going to be you a new test, it's gonna be ten times as hard. It's not just gonna be on medicine, it's going to be on everything. Baseball, statistic, North Dakota high schools, the geography of a made of fantasy world I like to call Coxatopia. That's a magic land where where rivers run of scotch and hordes of pigs feed on the bones of cheating med students. | permalink
Todd: Sorry dog, already called shotgun on the lesbian.
Turk: You can't call shotgun on a person.
Todd: Alright then, dibs.
Turk: Dammit, dibs works. Todd, I'll let you run point on this, but you gotta act cool. | permalink
Kelso: Bar codes? What the hell is this, a supermarket? That's a human being, for god's sake!
Dr. Cox: Listen, old prospector. I know that any new machine scares you, but here's the well-held secret: you know that box that records your favorite television shows? There isn't a demon inside of it!
Kelso: Then how does it know what I like?! I miss the good old days, when doctors and patients actually got to know each other. You know, back when sexually harassing a nurse was just considered polite chit-chat.
Turk: Yes...the good old days. Back when a man of my color couldn't be a doctor...but could live out his life-long dream of one day driving a white woman to her hair appointments. Yes. Things were much better back then.
Dr. Kelso: See? Turkleton gets it. | permalink
Drew: Strawberry frosting, nice?
Denise: Hey you got fruit, dairy, enough sugar for a month. What else do you need?
Drew: A spoon?
Denise: Use your fingers, Queen Elizabeth. | permalink

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Denise: I need your help. I have a patient that had to pee on a ski lift so she pulled her pants down and her butt froze to the seat and when she got off she lost most of the skin on her ass.
Drew: What's the question?
Denise: Can I laugh at that?
Drew: That depends, is she within ear shot?
Denise: No.
Drew: That's funny. No butt skin.
Denise: I lied, she's right behind you.

Babe, I can read you like the back of a DVD cover.