Take Two: More Lost Season Six Spoilers and Scoops

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Last week, we provided Lost fans with a slew of season six spoilers and scoops.

While we still don't know the identity of The Man in Black, or the Smoke Monster, or pretty much the answer to any over-arching, pressing question; we do have a few more teases for the final set of Lost episodes.

Courtesy of E! News, look for the following developments to take place:

  • Three individuals will be separately apprehended by the authorities.
  • Miles will have a message from a dead character.
  • The new group of others, led by Ilana, are on the island for one of three reasons: they were sent by the Man in Black to destroy the time travel mechanism; they were sent to protect Jacob; or they were sent to revive John Locke.

Questions? Theories? Let's hear them!

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