The Office Review: "The Banker"

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After a long layoff, The Office finally returned with a new episode last night! Oh, wait ...

"The Banker" was really just a glorified clip show. Weak, Office. Good thing the clips themselves were funny ... but come on. We expect better. Just air another repeat, honestly.

The premise for the episode was technically new, as Michael and company were on their best behavior as they try to impress a potential buyer who visits the Scranton branch.

Some touches, such as the fake Stanley, were priceless, but in between the banker’s evaluation questions, all we got were lame (albeit hilarious) flashbacks to past Office glory.

Thus, The Office quotes last night were mostly ones you already know. Just the same, they're worth revisiting again and again by following the link to our complete library!

Segway Ridin'

Michael Scott arrives for work in style.

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