The Return of Adam Monroe!

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While some loyal fans are hanging on and defending the drama with every ounce of reasoning they possesses, the ratings don't lie:

Heroes jumped the proverbial shark a long time ago.

The show has lost over 10 million viewers from its season one pinnacle, an unprecedented figure for a show that remains on the air.

Where did it go wrong? We could be here all day answering that question, but many viewers would likely agree on one mistake Heroes made early on season three: it killed off Adam Monroe.

The character created by David Anders had become a worthy antagonist on the series, the perfect complement to Zachary Quinto's Sylar. Unfortunately, Tim Kring and company didn't see it that way and had Arthur Petrelli murder Monroe with the touch of his hand.

But he makes one final appearance this Monday. As Hiro's brain tumor causes his past decisions to manifest themselves subconsciously, Monroe pops up again. Take an early look below:

Adam Monroe Returns
Return of Adam Monroe

For more of Anders, tune in to 24 this season. He has a recurring role on that Fox series.

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