The Simpsons Review: "Once Upon a Time in Springfield"

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This week was the infamous 450th episode of The Simpsons that FOX has been pushing hard.  So how did the hyped episode that aired alongside a live action special, "The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: In 3-D! On Ice!" fare?

Well, as compared to any other episode, "Once Upon a Time in Springfield," was a fantastic outing by The Simpsons.  The episode featured Anne Hathaway in a great performance (assuming that was her singing) as Princess Penelope, an appeal to female viewers forced on Krusty by television execs.

Krusty and Penelope

Penelope also served as a love interest to Krusty and the two even almsot got married by Krusty's father (Jackie Mason).  So far, so good, right?

Well, unforutnately Homer's adventure with Lenny and Carl served as a B story, while Bart and Lisa were merely supporting characters in Krusty's A Story.  Therefore, our main issue, is a 450th special episode should be about the Simpson family, not one of its supporting characters.

Granted, The Simpsons is known for its ridiculously fleshed out town of Springfield and the characters they've been able to develop over the previous 449 episodes, but any special should be based on the main, title characters.  Anyways, that's too much complaining for an episode that featured Krusty eating a gin sandwich.  Pure genius.

Now for our favorite of the The Simpsons quotes from the half hour had us laughing:

Lady Exec: These are your ratings with young girls.
Krusty: If my writers knew how to appeal to girls, they wouldn't be writers. | permalink
Gator McCall: You nuclear workers have no idea how valuable you are. Time's never been better for your industry now that all the protesters that marched in front of nuclear power plants are dying off from radiation poisoning. | permalink
Bart: Poor Krusty. He's become the lowest form of life, a sidekick.
Milhouse: You said it, Bart. Way to sum up the situation.
Bart: Take it easy, buddy.
Milhouse: That's exactly how I'll take it. | permalink
Homer: That is the most amazing doughnut I've ever tasted
Mr. Burns: Well, if you stay on with the Springfield nuclear plant, you could have one of these tasty beauties every day.
Lenny [about doughnut]: One of these every day might kill us.
Carl: Can we get a health plan to go with them?
Mr. Burns: Sure, you could have a health care or.... two donuts a day. | permalink
Homer: They took away our doughnuts at work! All I've had are my meals. | permalink

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The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 10 Quotes

Krusty: Goodn ight kids, and don't forget Krusty loves you.
Director: That's a wrap.
Krusty: You kids in the studio audience, please hand back all the hats, toys and savings bonds I passed out during the taping.

The world may end in 2010, but this show won't.

Bart [on the chalkboard]