Timothy Hutton Teases Return of Leverage

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Leverage returns to TNT with new episodes tonight.

As fans await the latest storylines and developments, star Timothy Hutton previewed what's ahead over the next six hours in an interview with Fancast.

On Nate's most unusual persona: [Tonight], the team infiltrates a fashion show, and as part of the con Nate has to be a designer. We went for a strange hybrid of Karl Lagerfeld and… oh, I don’t know who else. It’s certainly a bizarre persona. Nate really throws himself into these cons – and sometimes even goes a little too far.

On Nate and Tara: I don’t want to give anything away, because that is certainly something people will be wondering about. I will say that wherever there are sparks to be had in the next six shows, they will come from very unexpected places.

On an upcoming storyline: Nate gets a call that Maggie has wound up in a prison in the Ukraine, and the only person that has information about it and can get her out is Nate’s old pal, Sterling. Nate is forced to work with Sterling side-by-side on a con, and you then see that Sterling is setting Nate up. Maggie is very definitely in jeopardy.

The New Nate

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