Ugly Betty Review: "Blackout!"

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On this week's episode, "Blackout!", there is nothing like a city-wide blackout to mix things up!

Who would have ever guess Wilhelmina and Daniel to have a semi-make-out session? (Obviously we knew it was coming from the previews, but still!) It was great to see Wilhelmina punch Daniel in the face.

But, did we catch something at the end? That look she gave Daniel clearly meant something. Did this kiss open the door to a potential new office romance?!

We think that Betty's optimism can get kind of annoying, especially when you are in Marc's position. His chips are down and it looked like there was no hope. Although, having a Betty around in these negative times proves that it pays to be positive. She wouldn't let Marc give up - and it landed him a  new position at Mode!

Really happy or faking it?

We were so happy to see Bobby and Ignacio finally getting along. It looks like Bobby has made his way into the hearts of all the Suarez's now! Hopefully, since they are sans baby, Bobby will still be the man that he has proven himself to be. What can we say, we are most definitely Team Bobby!

I am not sure if we give Amanda as much attention as her character deserves. She is definitely one of the funniest people on Ugly Betty - always saying or doing something completely ridiculous. That is why we love her so! It has been a while since she's landed a beau. We think it is about time to bring in a new love interest!

We leave you with a couple of our favorite Ugly Betty quotes from last night. This week we have to give it up to Amanda:

Amanda: I'm so getting another chimp out of this! | permalink

Amanda: Like a month to the flame burned by desire. | permalink

Amanda: Betty's voice brought darkness to all the land. | permalink

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Betty's voice brought darkness to the land.