V: Casting for Erica's Ex-Husband and Others

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While V fans need to wait until March 30 before this intriguing drama returns with new episodes, they don't need to wait that long for a sneak peek at fresh characters that will show up around that time.

Based on casting notices sent out by ABC this week, viewers should prepare to meet Erica's ex-husband, along with a couple other individuals. Here's a look at the roles V is seeking actors/actresses for...

HOBBS: Male in his 30s or 40s. Possesses an enduring strength and intelligence. A mercenary. A weapons expert and a bomb maker. Will join the resistance. Recurring character.

ERICA'S EX-HUSBAND: Male in his late 30s - mid 40s. A recovering alcoholic. Tall and strong strength, with a soft nature. Might be a carpenter. Recurring character for at least two episodes.

DR. LEAH PEARLMAN: Female in mid to late 20s. A V and a member of the Fifth Column. Does not work on the ship, but was sent to help undercover Vs in need of medical attention. Will appear in at least one episode.

Do you have any suggestions on who should take on these roles?

Tyler vs. Erica

V fans will meet Tyler's father and Erica's ex later this season.

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