Ahead on The Office: The Confirmation of Endy!

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On last week's episode of The Office, Erin was awaiting a date proposal from Andy.

Andy, meanwhile, was anxious for Erin to make the next move.

Soon, fortunately, these awkward miscommunications will come to an end: writer/star Paul Lieberstein confirms that Erin and Andy (hereby dubbed "Endy) will get together on the March 11 episode.

“It’s been a slow process of Andy gaining the courage to ask her out, but he finally does,” Lieberstein told Entertainment Weekly. “The wrinkle in their first date is she gets sick [with the flu], but they attempt to push on anyway.”

Erin Hannon
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Meanwhile, viewers will learn more about Erin in the process of this courtship.

“We will reveal that Erin is a foster kid,” said producer BJ Novak (Ryan). “Andy went to Cornell, so they had extremely different childhoods and upbringings. And learning about those differences and trying to figure out if they mesh will provide a lot of comedy.”

So will giving this duo more musical material with which to work. Here's to hoping to many Endy duets in the future!

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