American Idol Review: Hollywood, Round Two

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Group day? More like whoops day!

(Sorry, see what a mess of contestants, all crammed together before we're too familiar with any of them in particular, can do.)

We're never big fans of this Hollywood edition of American Idol because it's played more for drama than vocal talent. It was kind of interesting to see one group ("Destiny's Wild") accuse another of stealing their idea... but it really wasn't because there was never any actual confrontation between the groups and because all members of both made it through any way.

We did love the backflip, though. Todrick Hall may be quite entertaining this season if kept around.

Hollywood Singers

This annual experiment can also be grating because so many contestants treat their assignments - learn a song/routine in 12 hours - like the most stressful, life-altering events of their life.

That's why it was refreshing to hear Simon cut off a singer that talked profoundly about all her group had gone through and refer to her whining as "rubbish." We may have high-fived the TV when this happened.

Read more about the events from this week's American Idol edition in our detailed recap. Then, let us know:

What do you think of group night?

Hollywood Round 2 Review

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