Brothers & Sisters Round Table: "A Valued Family"

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In our review of "A Valued Family," we covered the basics of another emotional, powerful episode of Brothers & Sisters. Now it's time to delve into some topics further.

Below, TV Fanatic's staff members analyze some of Sunday evening's many developments in detail in our weekly Brothers & Sisters Round Table discussion ...

1. What was your favorite scene last night?

The Barnacle: Robert and Alec, of all people, bonding over cancer and the fact that perhaps Alec had to meet Kitty for them to turn their marriage around. Vintage Robert.

M.L. House: Nora reading Holly the riot act and Holly standing there taking it before calmly explaining she called off the sale. This should be a real turning point for them.

L.J. Gibbs: Luc and Sarah at the end: “I missed you.” “Oh my god.” Exactly.

Brothers & Sisters Round Table

2. Are you happy Luc is back?

M.L. House: Sorry, Roy. You had a good run. The boy who makes your cheeks blush may not be the most logical choice, but he will make your cheeks blush. It's a wonderful thing.

L.J. Gibbs: It had to happen. Sarah spent the night trying to convince herself she could make a relationship with Roy work. When you have to talk yourself into love, it's not in the cards.

The Barnacle: Duh.

3. Will Justin and Rebecca last?

The Barnacle: I think so, as long as they don't rush into having another baby. I know he wants to prove he wanted it, but please, take time to grieve and work through it, guys.

M.L. House: Rebecca and Justin are understandably devastated, but sometimes, these things can define who we are as couples, and bring us closer together, rather than apart.

L.J. Gibbs: I fear the worst here. It would be impossible for this not to shake up Rebecca and Justin, but because these two issues anyway, it may linger and lead to big problems.

4. Is Buffy a good choice for campaign manager?

The Barnacle: Yes. I like the Kitty-Buffy relationship and as a moderate myself, I enjoy the sacrifices the more liberal Walkers are making to support Kitty’s campaign. Family first!

M.L. House: As much as she rubs me the wrong way, she's just doing her job. Making sure there were no skeletons in Kitty’s closet now, rather than down the line, is just smart.

L.J. Gibbs: I fear the worst here. It would be impossible for this not to shake up their relationship, but because these two issues anyway, it may linger and lead to big problems.

5. Did Holly make the right choice?

M.L. House: Definitely. That sale was tainted from the start and William would have rolled in his grave. I just want to know why Dennis York being involved in trying to secure the deal changes everything, as Nora said. What could that possibly mean?

The Barnacle: Financially, no. Take the money and run! Luckily, Holly realized family is more important ... even if the family is the one you were the pseudo home-wrecker of.

L.J. Gibbs: We've been conditioned to view Holly as an adversary, but she has really came around. Nora and Holly the same team! Who'd have thought we'd see that day.

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