Gilles Marini Returning to Brothers & Sisters

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Sarah's new boyfriend Roy has been a nice addition to Brothers & Sisters. He's smart, he can relate to life as a single parent, and he registers a respectable 7.5 in bed.

But he's no Luc.

That's the mentality of Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) herself, at least in the back of her mind. When she received the text from Luc (yes, he texts), at the end of last Sunday's episode, "The Pasadena Primary," it became clear that he's not over the hunky Frenchman at all.

Does that spell trouble for Roy? It very well might, because on the show's Valentine's Day episode (February 21), Sarah gets a whole lot more than candy and flowers.

Gilles Marini makes a surprise return as Luc, according to TV Guide.

Luc and Sarah

What will Gilles Marini's return mean for Sarah and Roy?

"Sarah's going to have to make a decision about her direction, what she wants with her life," Brothers & Sisters executive producer David Marshall Grant says of Luc's return.

"Roy and her are in a good place right now, but Luc is one of those relationships that was really romantic for Sarah ... she's going to have a pretty conflicted Valentine's Day."

Who do you think makes a better boyfriend for Sarah?

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