Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "The Hurt Locket"

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"The Hurt Locket" will be Gossip Girl's first episode in just over three months when it airs a week from Monday. March 8 is the date, and here's a glimpse of what goes down:

Blair suspects that Chuck can't forget about the woman he saw at his father’s grave, and from the Gossip Girl spoilers we've read, he has good reason to be suspicious.

Meanwhile, Nate and Serena decide to explore the boundaries of their friendship (and those are going to be some seriously hot boundaries, we're telling you right now). 

Jenny agrees to accompany Damien to a State Dinner, unaware that he requires her help with a "product" exchange. Nice to see J transitioning into full-time drug mule!

Finally, Vanessa and Dan attempt to move past the awkwardness of Dan’s recent confession of his feelings, and Rufus returns from a ski trip trying his best to avoid Lily.

How do you foresee the above events playing out when the show returns in 11 days? Click to enlarge some Gossip Girl pictures from the episode and tell us what you think:

Nate and S
Sexy Serenate
Bad News Damien
Sheer Serena
Pic of Nathaniel
Who Are You Lady?
Trouble For Chair?
Mister Bass
Blair and Mystery Woman
S On the Phone
Mystery Woman

We'll be posting Gossip Girl spoilers, clips and news every day leading up to the premiere, so check back often. Thanks for making us your #1 Gossip Girl source!

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