Hiroyuki Sanada Sheds Some Light on Mysterious Lost Character

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As an actor, Hiroyuki Sanada is a mystery to Lost fans.

So far, the character he plays on the show is equally baffling. What's the deal with this Dogen guy, who makes nice with Jack one moment, poisons Sayid the next... and seems to like baseball?

On tonight's new episode, (SPOILER ALERT!), Dogen pops up in Jack’s flash-sideways world. He appears as a father who advises Jack to be a hands-on dad.

According to producer Damon Lindelof, “Dogen’s mysterious origins and history with the island [will be] finally revealed” on the March 2 installment.


On that episode, Sanada tells TV Guide Magazine we'll learn Dogen left Japan for a new life on the island.

We'll also discover that his name is significant, as is that of Dogen's hippie translator, Lennon.

“I believe Dogen and Sayid will experience some kind of friendship in the end,” Hiro said. “Temples are built for peace and saving people.”

And for driving Lost fans absolutely batty. In the best way, of course.

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