How Will Ugly Betty End?

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This much we know: Ugly Betty has been canceled.

This much, of course, we're still waiting to find out: How will the series say goodbye?

Because ABC has also reduced the number of fourth season episodes from 22 to 20, series creator Silvio Horta must wrap up years' worth of storylines in a short amount of time. How will he do so? For starters:

“The braces are coming off,” he told Entertainment Weekly of a March episode. “There’s a big fantasy element to it. We’ll ask the question, ‘What if Betty had perfect teeth?'"

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Professionally, Betty will be offered a new job that “may take her away from Mode,” said Horta. “We’re going to see how that impacts the people she works with as well as her family.”

What else can viewers expect as this unique show winds down?

  • Justin will kiss a man.
  • Wilhelmina’s first love (played by Brian Stokes Mitchell) shows up.
  • Amanda will hook up with Daniel's half-brother.
  • There will be a wedding.

What else could fans ask for? Well, many more seasons of the show, as well as a resolution to Betty's love life. The former is no longer an option, but will the latter come into play this spring?

Tune in. Find out. We certanly will.

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