It's Crystal Bowersox, Dammit!

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For most of this week, I've had to listen to my TV Fanatic colleagues ramble on about Andrew Garcia this and Didi Benami that.

These critics may be avid American Idol viewers, but it's unclear what show they've been watching this season if any name other than Crystal Bowersox is atop their list of early favorites.

This mother of one possesses the most unique sound in Hollywood. While other contestants are clearly trying to emulate past champions and fit into the Idol mold, Crystal has been shielded enough from the mainstream that (as quoted in the video below) she thinks only three million people tune in to Idol each week.

Isn't that point of view refreshing?

As if her look, voice an attitude aren't enough, there's this: she plays the harmonica! Case closed.

[video url="" title="Crystal Bowersox Clips"] [/video]