Jeff Probst, Castaways Preview Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

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While fans are excited for tonight's premiere of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, there's one man that may be more psyched than anyone: beloved host Jeff Probst.

"Heroes vs. Villains was a great idea from the get-go and I think we all knew it," Probst tells TV Guide. "It captures what Survivor really has become about, the good versus the bad."

Heroes and Villains

How do the veteran castaways that have returned for the show's 20th edition feel about this season? Pretty much the same way as their leader:

Tom Westman: "As a fan of the game, you want to go out and compete against these people and see if you've got what it takes."

Rob Mariano: "Surprisingly, Amber was a driving force behind me going. She said, 'Look around. Everything we have is because of this show. Get up there and bring home another million dollars.'"

Jerri Manthey: "I feel like I'm finally at that place where I can really embrace my inner villain."

Russell Hantz: "I'm real exited. Now I get to prove my point that I'm the best player that played the game."

Will you be watching Heroes vs. Villains? TV Fanatic's resident Survivor guru sure will be - and he'll post his thoughts on the premiere episode tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, survey our odds on who will come out on top in May.

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