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As expected the sixth season premiere of Lost delivered at least one, consistent reaction across the critical board: WTF?!?

We mean that in the best way possible, of course, but... there are two timelines now?!? Sayid is dead? Maybe? There's a new set of Others and one resembles John Lennon?!?

Read through our recap of "LA X" right now and then check out the first edition of the Lost Round Table below. Readers feedback is strongly encouraged...

The simultaneous timeline: Cool or annoying?
M.L. House: Annoyingly cool? I didn't care for it this week, as it was too confusing and too forced (Hurley: I'm the luckiest guy alive! See how my life is different!), but producers have done nothing to make me question their ability to eventually bring these timelines together in a fascinating way.

LJ Gibbs: Like Jack in the winter, it is both cool and annoying at the same time.

Mr. Probst: At least for this first episode, it worked for me.  I enjoyed Flight 815 redux because it felt like an alternate ending to Lost.  It's fun to see these characters react, and react differently, in an entirely different environment when we know so much about their personalities already. 

The idea of Flight 815 redux works because we all likely feel that there will be some dramatic outcome to the storyline which will likely merge with the alternate story line.  It has to, right?  Even if you don't like it, you have to acknowledge that what the show is doing is impressive.  Flashbacks, Flash Forwards and now Flash...Parallels?  To be able to write a show where those three concepts all work is impressive.

Lost RT

Has Sayid truly been resurrected?
M.L. House: No, the Sayid we had grown to know, love and pretend to be when torturing friends is long gone. In his place? Gotta go with Jacob.

LJ Gibbs: Since he hasn't tried to eat anyone's brain yet, it appears that Sayid has been resurrected and is not a zombie. Who he has been resurrected as, however, is the question. If he's Michael Jackson, it's probably a good thing Walt got off the island.

Mr. Probst: We're really delving into Lost metaphysics here, aren't we?  Has his physical body been resurrected?  Well, yea, duh.  Is his body being occupied by Sayid's spirit?  Doubtful.  That would be quite a dramatic way to bring Sayid back to life just so he could simply be Sayid from here on out. 

What I prefer is that the recently deceased Jacob has been reincarnated in Sayid's body.  Jacob has always been called a savior and was carried out of the temple spring in a very Christ-like manner.  Let's put two and two together and call him Fake Sayid/Jacob just like we have Fake Locke/Man In Black.

The Man in Black is Smokey. Are you satisfied with this resolution?
M.L. House: I'm satisfied with anything that gives us another side of Terry O'Quinn. After each speech about wanting to go home, I hope the Emmy Awards people stopped taking submissions for Best Supporting Actor.

LJ Gibbs: It is definitely a cool plot development, and it will give Terry O'Quinn the opportunity to display his villain acting chops (last seen in the "Stepfather" series!). However, I hope we get to see more Titus Welliver in flashbacks.

Mr. Probst: I'm not sure how much of a resolution it is - we still have either a human who's able to manifest himself in a seemingly omnipotent black smoke fashion; or a black smoke monster who's able to manifest itself as a human (I'm leaning towards the latter).  However, smokey now has an identity and I like it.

Why does that Temple guy look just like John Lennon?
M.L. House: Because he wrote the little-known follow-up to Hey Jude: Hey, John Locke is Dead!

LJ Gibbs: Because he's the overrated mouthpiece for the real talent (aka Asian Paul)?

Mr. Probst: He looks like John Lennon because he is John Lennon.  It's one of the few answers we got from the premiere - what happened to John Lennon?  Lost just presented it in Jeopardy format by giving us the answer, John Lennon, and we had to come up with the question.  Those snarky writers.

Which former castaway were you most happy to see again on the plane?
M.L. House: Desmond because his accent always brings a smile to my face. But Damon Salvatore made me the most confused. Who knew he and Stefan had a sister?!?

LJ Gibbs: It was good to see Charlie again; anything to keep him away from all things FlashForward.

Mr. Probst: Gotta be Desmond, right?  His presence generates so many questions.  He wasn't on the plane originally, why is he on the plane now?  Does this mean he never sailed to the island?  Did he even try to sail around the world?  Did he make it and end in Sydney and fly home? 

If his life has been so drastically changed, perhaps he never even met Penny?  The possibilities are endless.  Also, Rose never acknowledges Desmond's presence.  Perhaps he was a figment of Jack's imagination, a carrot to the possibility that parallel-Jack has a memory of what happened, but he just doesn't realize it yet.

What are the most pressing questions you want to see answered over the next few weeks?
M.L. House: Why doesn't Richard age? Will we ever see Penny topless again? Where is The Man in Black's home? How many people died when Jughead exploded? Did Jughead even cause the new timeline?

LJ Gibbs: Why was Desmond on the plane? What "worked" for Juliet? How does Kate continue to make the same grungy t-shirt look so good? Who are the new temple guardians? What is it about the black powder that keeps Smokey away? Does my fat ass make my ass look fat?

Mr. Probst: The Flash Parallels certainly won't end happily ever after with the survivors going their separate ways, so there must be some dramatic angle to it that will revealed.  Also, we really need the origin of Richard Alpert's mascara to be revealed.  In the next few weeks.  I'll accept nothing less.

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Locke: My condition is irreversible.
Jack: Nothing is irreversible.

Sorry you had to see me like that.

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