NCIS: Los Angeles Review: "LD50"

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Last night's NCIS: Los Angeles didn't exactly gloss over the shocking abduction of Dom in the previous episode, but he remains missing, and life goes on. As does work.

For the agents, that meant stopping a potential chemical attack. Not small-time stuff. Our episode recap has the basic plot details. Below, TV Fanatic reviews "LD50" ...

Dead Marines found in a warehouse are not actually dead Marines, just guys posing as such. That will pique the interest of NCIS almost as much as the real thing.

Their cause of death? Poisoning from Botulinum, a lethal neurotoxin and potential bio-weapons agent (somewhat similar to the dirty bomb in play on last night's NCIS).

Sam and G.'s first lead? An elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer's. She was being manipulated by the dead Marine posers because she's a former military chemist.

Sam and G. Get Wet

As predicted by Daniela Ruah (Kensi) in an interview, Sam and G. end up in a fountain.

This sweet old lady has been unknowingly aiding the production of chemical weapons ... but for whom? Eventually, they learn that an arms dealer named the Dutchman is behind it.

They learn that a Filipino terrorist suspect is in town to meet with the Dutchman. They bust him, and Sam goes undercover to the meeting as a buyer "negotiating on his behalf."

But is Sam finally in over his head with this crew?

Sam learns that the Dutchman is indeed selling LD50 to interested parties, starting at $1 million, and that there's going to be a "demonstration" shortly at L.A.'s Beverly Center.

Sam's cover is blown when he asks that they not do the demonstration, ostensibly because it will make it impossible to smuggle the weapons out of the U.S. Not a smart move.

Luckily, Sam is Sam, and he manages to take down everybody even after all hell breaks loose. You do not mess with LL Cool J! Meanwhile, Callen and Kensi race to the mall.

They stop the attack in the nick of time, and even though Callen is exposed to the toxin, Sam arrives quickly with the antidote. This guy wins NCIS Agent of the Week honors.

Solid episode all around. Perhaps Callen's diving catch of the toxin and Sam's instant arrival with the antidote were a little far-fetched, but hey, it's TV, and we were riveted.

And besides, Chris O'Donnell and LL ended up in the fountain, as Daniela Ruah teased in an interview yesterday. Are we really going to complain about that? Didn't think so.


  • We haven't seen the last of the Dom story, and it was clearly affecting people last night (Sam in particular), but it didn't dominate the action. Very well handled.
  • The exploration of Hetty's own fears of getting old, unearthed by the terrorists' elderly, unwitting accomplice, was heartwarming, sad and very true to life.
  • Did next week's promo show Kensi getting shot?!

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