NCIS Round Table: "Masquerade"

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Widespread panic over a dirty bomb. A defense contractor pulling strings. Gibbs locking horns with his least favorite legal adversary once again. Last night's NCIS had it all.

Check out our "Masquerade" review for our in-depth extrapolation on the episode. Below, we delve deeper into Tuesday's NCIS in our weekly Round Table discussion ...

1. What was your favorite scene from last night?

The Barnacle: When Gibbs calmly had Ramon sign the attorney waiver, then tore him a new one three seconds later. Nothing beats Gibbs in action. I would bring popcorn.

L.J. Gibbs: The scene at the end. Why was she inside Gibbs' house? He's gotta be into her, otherwise that alone would raise some red flags. I don't see this ending well.

M.L. House: Gibbs and Vance railroading the private intelligence coordinator into confessing, preceded by Vance's warning and Gibbs' reassurance that "I'm not wrong."


2. Did you figure out the mystery?

M.L. House: Considering it took half the episode before Ducky revealed the body's true identity, it was hard to. The show does a great job of pacing and keeping you guessing.

L.J. Gibbs: No. It was well-disguised. The upcoming Senate hearing explained Vance's involvement in the case, but I didn't expect it to be tied to the actual dirty bomb plot.

The Barnacle: Not entirely, though the intelligence guy seemed shady from the start, and Gibbs/Vance seemed to take his word for everything, so I had my suspicions.

3. What was the episode's best lighter moment?

The Barnacle: There were certainly plenty to choose from. I have to say Ziva actually showing up with popcorn to watch Gibbs' interrogation. I thought Tony was joking.

M.L. House: McGee often gets a bad rap for his McGeekdom, but attending an online wedding - of a gaming buddy no less - while in a tuxedo at work earns him the title.

L.J. Gibbs: The revelation that Tony sees a therapist, followed by his subsequent attempts to squirm out of that one. Honorable mention: Tony taking tap-dance classes.

4. Did Gibbs and Hart ... you know?

L.J. Gibbs: Again, she was in his house. He did not seem upset. Do the math.

M.L. House: Typical NCIS, leaving it subject to at least some interpretation with the timing of that last poof. One thing's for sure - we haven't seen the last of M. Allison Hart.

The Barnacle: They must have, right? Much like last week's episode (re: Tony and Ziva) they left us hanging a little here. Dammit Shane Brennan! Inquiring minds want to know where the heck you're going with this. That woman's bad news, I can tell you that ...

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