Pilot Episode vs. Season Six Premiere: Lost Video Compares Plane Scenes

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As Lost viewers know, the show has gone sideways.

Forget flashing back or flashing forward, the sixth season premiere introduced fans to a parallel timeline, one that starts with Jack back on Oceanic flight 815.

The differences in this scene, versus an eerily similar one from the pilot episode, have been noted: Cindy hands Jack one bottoe of vodka as opposed to two; Rose is the one to comfort Jack; and, of course, the plane doesn't crash.

But it's still worth actually watching the scenes side-by-side for comparison. The video below offers this opportunity:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/scene-vs-scene/" title="Scene vs. Scene"] [/video]

Did you pick up on any other differences or similarites?

As you ponder that question, check out our Lost Theory of the Week and let us know where you stand on it.

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